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The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is responsible for conducting long term investigations and is comprised of five Detectives.

Units within CID include Violent Crimes, Property Crimes, Forensic Crime Scene Unit, Drug Task Force and D.I.C.E.. Patrol Deputies will initially respond to any scene. If a case is determined to take several man hours to investigate or requires specialized equipment then patrol will turn the case over to the detectives. The detectives will conduct such investigations as homicide, child abuse, sex crimes, burglary, robbery, theft, and any other crime that needs attention.

The Sheriff has dedicated two detectives to drug suppression. Drugs have a detrimental affect on our community. Substance abuse is the leading cause of crime in Humphreys County. CID estimates that over 95% of burglary and other property crimes committed in 2012 had a drug nexus. The work of these two detectives will make Humphreys County a safer place for all it’s citizens.

CID is supervised by Detective Captain Clay Anderson. Detective Brain Baker and Detective Wesley Hagler primarily focus on property crimes and crimes against persons.  Often, their investigations leads them into the drug culture.  Detectives Anderson and Baker are both graduates of the Forensic Science Professionals Program at West Virginia University and the TBI Advanced Crime Scene Investigations school. Captain Anderson has also completed training at the National Forensics Academy. Detective Hagler has completed advanced training in drug enforcement and technical investigations and specializes in crimes against children. All Detectives assigned to CID are certified clandestine drug lab technicians and members of the Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force.

The Sheriff recognizes the importance of having properly trained detectives to investigate the wide variety of cases handled by the Sheriff’s Office and has implemented an advanced training and certification process for CID. Currently detectives are working towards obtaining international certification from the IAI (International Association for Identification). This commitment requires CID detectives to complete a rigorous training and testing program that usually takes over a year to complete. During 2014 CID Detectives have completed over 440-hours of advanced training in a variety of topics in courses provided by the TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation), ROCIC (Regional Organized Crime Information Center), Middle Tennessee State University FIRE Institute (Forensic Institute for Research and Education) and the Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force.

CID has full forensic crime scene investigation capabilities and are equipped with the latest equipment allowing them to process complex crime scenes and collect and preserve evidence so criminal cases can be successfully prosecuted.

If you have a tip or any information that you would like to communicate with CID about, please contact us at:

Captain Clay Anderson

Detective Brian Baker

Detective Wesley Hagler

CID Detective working a meth lab

CID Detective working a meth lab scene.


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